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    Hi folks, well after a month or two researching and saving I have finally got my Denon 2900.

    Its brilliant. Now for the visually focused, I am using Interlaced RGB to my Sony 36 TV. The picture is massivly superior to my old Sony 735D.

    It is Multiregion and I have played R1 (RCE),R2 and R4 and all is well.

    So what about the sound?

    Well in a store I compared it to the main Rival Pioneer 757Ai and it sounded better on CD/SACD/DVDA in both stereo and surround. No doubt about it. Testing was done with Dark Side of the Moon SACD and The remastered CD, also the new Fleetwood Mac album (which is much better than I expected).

    Denon bought.

    Over the weekend I have been setting it up and wanted to listen to it properly in my home environment and do a few comparrions.

    My kit includeds
    Denon AVC-A11SR
    Linn Mimik CD (£800 8 years ago)
    Mission 753 mains 75 rears, 75C centre and M&K K9 Sub
    All with high quality interconnects and cabling.

    First off DSOTM remaster CD on the Linn is excellent. Compared to the 2900 SACD stereo there is a difference. SACD Bass is tighter, effects more transparent, vocals are very similar to the CD on the Linn.

    Put the remaster CD in the 2900 and you here the difference straight away, much thinner, less bass. What does this say?

    The Linn is an awesome CD player and will always be in my system. But the Stereo SACD is better, slightly on the Denon.

    Play the CD layer of the SACD on the Denon and the mix is an improvement on the remastered CD, actually quite a bit. The Linn wont touch the SACD so I cant try the test the other way around. :(

    Finally use the multichannel part of the DSOTM SACD on the Denon. WOW!

    Absolutely awesome. If you are a Floyd fan and you havent heard this, you should accept your life is incomplete :)

    I must have listened to it 8 or more times since friday afternoon.

    Also bought the New Fleetwood Mac album (top guitar solos etc) to try DVDA and that is also very good.

    So as a CD player the 2900 is not bad at all (2900 cost less than the Linn CD player did 8 years ago) it just had tough competition.

    However for SACD and DVDA at that price point (£700) It cant be beaten. I am music surround convert. Need the new Joe Satriani SACD, but cant find it anywhere.

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    Newbury , Berkshire
    as another huge floyd fan.
    id recommend you take a look at

    roger waters - In the flesh (SACD)

    i have the dvd version, as yet I dont own a sacd player.
    highly highly recommend the work of waters.

    you can buy it from play @ 14.99

    The 2900 is on my wish list.............................

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