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Jan 25, 2004
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What would be the best way (picture quality not budget) to connect a Denon DVD-2900 to a Panasonic PW6 using component out.

The PW6 VGA input currently has Sky+ connected via a RGB2YUV and iScan Ultra.

1. direct to component terminal board


2. via iScan (component in)


3. via iScan (passthru).

1. I'd have to buy the terminal board. What's the quality like. The scart terminal board isn't too good.

2. Would this mean having to input interlaced rather than component or will the iScan just pass thru a de-interlaced signal.

3. This is a VGA terminal. How do I get component into VGA.

Some or all of the above might be complete b******cks.

Never decide to purchase/upgrade plasma, video processor, DVD player and DVD recorder at the same time if you haven't kept abreast of developments for a few years. My brain hurts from everything I've had to learn in the last few weeks.

I feel like Homer Simpson where the new stuff I learn is just pushing some of the old stuff out.


I am currently testing the same thing with my new PWD6 and Denon DVD-3800. From what I have seen so far my answers to your questions are...

1. I have tried it direct to my TM6Y component input board (BNC) and picture is very, very good, enabling prog scan on the 3800 seems to be beneficial, although not light and day.

2. I have also tried via the Ultra (yes, you need to input interlaced as the Ultra doesnt understand progressive input) but havent noticed a great deal of difference. I need to do a little more testing to be 100% sure of this though.

In theory, passing the DVD feed via the iScan should improve the picture, but from my basic testing I find this difficult to really notice and it also introduces a video delay by the iScan which can create lipsync issues.

3. In order to get component into the VGA port (HD15), for the passthrough, you need a 3RCA=>HD15 video cable.

If you want to make cabling easy (and have a single cable to the plasma) then the passthrough is an option.

I know it is not the answer you want, but you are probs best getting hold of the cables you need and then doing a comparison between all three methods to be is VERY subjective and personal..

Hope this helps...

Thanks for the comprehensive answer.

Isn't option 3 more than just easier cabling though. If it's no worse than the other options then surely it's the way to go:-

Saves buying another terminal board (option 1).
Isn't the VGA supposed to be the best quality input.

Yeah, I would agree...only thing is that with one input to the screen you dont get PIP/PAP and you only get one set of picture settings (unless the iScan can let you config differnent settings per input/output??? not sure yet...)

Yeah - from what I have seen after a days testing the VGA input does seem to be the best...


P.S. Maybe option 3 is the best to try first - you can then also use the cable to bypass the iScan and connect the DVD direct into the VGA port to see the differences...
Not that I think I'll use it but I can have PIP/PAP because I also have a scart terminal board which I needed for a video sender.

Just checked the iScan - No settings available on the passthru but you can set 2 different Picture Modes on the PW6 (4 in fact). All settings are independent except the White balance which stays the same across all modes???

Admittedly this would be a manual change but:-

1. How often will I swap between DVD viewing and Sky.
2. I can probably knock up a macro on the pronto to select a different Picture Mode when swapping sources. Don't know what the discrete code situation is with the PW6. Haven't even started programming the pronto for PW6 or iScan yet.


p.s. after swapping between Comp 1 and passthru a couple of times on the iScan remote the picture went crazy - 4 thick vertical bands scrolling upwards with the picture blocky and unwatchable. This also happened the only other time I played with the passthru when I first got the unit. Any ideas anyone? Nothing connected to the terminal. I was just seeing if I could change the picture settings when selected. Could I have a faulty iScan?
We've had feedback on the PW6 to say that interfacing via the RGB to Plasma VGA gave a superior picture for RGB SCART. One recomendation I've always given is that if you have progressive output from your DVD player, then this has to go direct to the Component input on the screen. Moving the RGB to the VGA input allows you to connect digital TV in via this input, which isn't normally used.

I do have an I-Scan, but instead use a Plasma VGA unit for my DVD player to directly interface to the VGA input (using one of Joe's Bettercables VGA leads). RGB to YUV is used for Sky.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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