Denon 2900 Pro Scan "F" "V" "G" ???


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I have the above player (modified for Mulitregion) and I'm confused as to what exactly is the correct "letter" when playing movies in progressive scan.
I understand that the letter "F" lights up when 3:2 pulldown is in effect and "V" when 2:2 pulldown occurs. But what about "G"?
Correct me if am wrong but when R1 DVD's are played I get "F" displayed when PS is done correctly and "V" when it drops out of PS. Now most of my R2 DVD's display "G". Am I missing something here??


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F must stand for film and V for video, which you probably already know. Doesn't the manual state what the letter G stands for?

Movies shot on film should display F. Stuff shot on video (and not modified in production to look like film) should then display V, as the player recognizes that each frame has separate motion updates within the fields. I'll try to use my oversized cranium to figure out what G means.

It might have to do with PAL discs not using 3:2 pulldown and therefore being processed differently.

Edit: I found the downloadable user manual and that G stands for 'Graphic'.

I also looked at the product brief for the Sil504 processor at Silicon Image's homepage and have figured out the following:

F: Film = inherently progressive content, but with 3-2 pulldown required (24p).
V: Video = inherently interlaced content (50i, 60i).
G: Graphics = inherently progressive content with 2-2 pulldown (30p, 50p).

Since PAL uses 2-2 pulldown for film (after being sped up from 24fps to 25fps in production), it is counted as graphics by the processor.


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Thanks for the info. Never thought of checking the Sil's website. Now time to research!!

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