Denon 2900 or 2910?


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Hmmmmmmmm, having trouble making a decision on this... :confused:

Seen them both and think I prefer the 2900 pq but just a bit reticent and prob keener to go with the newer model. That said, I am going to be running component to a PW7 via a 2805 so no worries about losing out on the digital outputs. Also, I am concerned by all the talk of the Faroudja macroblocking problems on the 2910.

Anyone else got any comments on the respective merits / demerits of these two machines? What am I losing or gaining by picking one over the other? I understand that the 2900 is more closely aligned with the 3910 than the 2910.

Thanks, folks. This is the final piece in the jigsaw...

dynamic turtle

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I think it would be fairer to compare the 2900 with the 3910. The 2910 does retail at several hundred less than the original rrp of the 2900.

There are about a billion posts on the 2900/2910/3910 on this forum, seek and ye shall learn!


Greg Hook

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Yes, a search will bring tons of threads up on this.

And dynamic is right. The 3910 is the replacement to the 2900, the 2910 is the replacement to the 2200.


I don't think tobyhenderson is too troubled at which is a replacement of which - I think he just wants to know which is the better unit for the money.


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Absolutely, GFS. I know that the 2910 is more aligned with the 2200, and the 3910 with the 2900, but the £ for £ value is what I am looking at. I can't get a 3910 for the money that I have to spend, but I can get a 2900 or a 2910. What I am trying to acsertain is what makes the 2900 better than the 2910 and, equally, what (because its newer?) makes the 2910 better than the 2900.

Like I said, I am not interested in the digital inputs on the 2910. I am looking for the best available DVD player for component input into the PW7 that I have on order (which, incidentally, will be running via a 2805 receiver).

TIA, folks.

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