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Thinking of upgrading from a pioneer 737 to one of the denons .The 2900 is more expensive ,also ive read on these forums it may have a few minor glitches,is this the case with the 2200 aswell ?.I have a panny 36pd30 ,i'm upgrading because i want dvd-audio.Can anyone who has either a 2900 or 2200 give me their valued opinion.

Just upgraded from the 2900 to a11 and found no problems with the 2900 whatsoever. It`s a great piece of kit for the money.Upgraded cos I could and audio and better specs of a11.

I have the 2900 and it's fantastic

Audio on DVD-A and SACD is stunning, I particularly like the fact that you can turn off the video circuitry, and it does make a noticeable difference.

AS a DVD Player, it's worth every penny, fantastic picture and sound, prog scan in both PAL and NTSC look beautiful with no issues I can see. (not even the "chroma bug")

If you can afford the 2900, get it. If not the 2200 should do you a good service, but the audio in the 2900 is a step up, and it's actually got me back to "listening" to music again instead of using it as background noise :eek:


Mine is multi region (genuine Denon firmware though), and I've yet to have any problems with it.
Thanks guys.thats what i wanted to hear.also P.BOOTH what have you done with your 2900 ?
Timmy B ,_ Yes .
Soulbrother - Put the 2900 in Part ex against A11 (received £600)

I have just upgraded from the 737 to a 2900. The difference is phenomenal. I use my player with a projector, and the upgrade was a revelation, almost as good as a new projector !

Go on - you know you want to !

Happy shopping!


Running a 2200 via Zektor 4.2 to both a plv-z2 projector and lc30hv4e 30" lcd tv. Picture is superb. Had the opportunity recently using neighbours 2900 to do direct comparison.

No difference in picture between the two whatsoever on circa 10 dvd's and 100" screen.

2200 is good, but 2900 is a step up.
I already have a Marantz 6000 K1 Sig and so I will not use the audio side of the 2200 (Well maybe in SACD forum / DVD-A when they release more discs with decent music on them)

If its only for dvd play / occasional music you are after I would go with the 2200. If its pic and music then go for the 2900 or if you have a very good amp with decent DAC's then go for the 2200 and use the amps dac's for the audio.


Chris L.
Can the Denon's read DVD+R and DVD+RW discs as well please??
Thinking of getting the 2200 to partner a Yamaha RX-V2400.
Originally posted by V5-APS
Can the Denon's read DVD+R and DVD+RW discs as well please??
Thinking of getting the 2200 to partner a Yamaha RX-V2400.

A word of warning i had a 2200 with the Yam 2400 and have been getting sound dropouts on DTS so changed the dvd to a 2900.

I`m still getting the dropouts, The shop are going to exchange the amp for another when they get some stock but to be honest i have a feeling it isn`t going to cure the problem.

I may end up changing the amp altogether :rolleyes:

After all the gushing reviews I was really hoping the 2900 would be my new player - excellent SACD/DVDA, stunning picture, invisible layer change, no chroma bug, however I found there were a few problems:
1. R1 Alien DC DTS - player froze whenever a seamless section was reached, could fast forward through it, but stopped again at the next. Playback was faultless if you switched to DD5.1. I tested the disc on some older players and it played without a fault. Many have stated that there appears to be a problem with the Multiregion firmware and 'd have to agree.

2. Occasional lyp synch probs - every now and then synch would drift for a few seconds and then lock back in.

3. 12 Monkeys R1 SE - strange pulsing of the video. Looked like a very slow version of the macrovision shimmy. It was evident on plain backgrounds with a character in the foreground - the background would fade to a much darker tone (so a beige wall turned dark brown) and then lighten up again.

4. Monsters Inc R2 - the image appeared windowboxed, had to adjust zoom controls of my projector to fill the screen.

When these discs were played back on my old Panasonix A110 (R1 chipped for R2), none of the errors were apparent.

These glitches would just drive me crazy, and could almost expect new players to have problems with older discs that were produced in the early days, but with a curent high profile Alien disc, I expect playback to be perfect with all soundtracks.
I understand that Denon won't fix the firmware as it would appear they were condoning multiregion players, but given they wrote the stuff I'm sure they could debug it !

At the price this player costs, It's not too much to expect reliable/faultless playback.

I reluctantly returned it to my deler and am now waiting for another universal player to make the grade.

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