Denon 2900 MultiRegion - firmware fixed yet?



My DVD player looks to be failing on me - which means I've an excellent excuse to buy a new one..

The Denon 2900 seems to get excellent reviews, although looking through the forum it seems as though the MultiRegion patch causes a whole bunch of problems - from disks not being recognized to the dreaded chroma-key bug.

So... can anyone tell me if there's a firmware out there now that makes the 2900 MultiRegion without breaking things in the process?



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I have had a 2900 for a couple of months multiregioned by Audio T and it has no chroma bug and no problems yet with any disk I have played on it.


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For multiregion reliability I would seriously consider one of the Arcam players it's just a remote hack with no problems. If you want mulitchannel audio then go for the DV89 which supports DVD-A.

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