Denon 2900 - film/video source?


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Please help explain to me what this means:

Whilst watching 'Superman the movie' on Friday night the players display indicates I'm watching a 'video' source with a small 'v'. The following night I watch 'Superman 2' and the display indicates that I'm watching a 'graphic' source with a small 'g'.
What does this mean? Am I set up correctly? What is the difference between 'Film' Video' and 'Graphic' sources. I realise that this is probably a 'tecchie' reply I'm looking for but please try and reply as simply as possible! :(

Cheers in advance.

P.s. If it makes any difference, the 2900 is connected by component to a Hitachi 42PD3000 plasma.


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It is to do with recognition of source. If I remember correctly it is something along the lines of:-

Film = 3:2 pulldown taking place
Graphics = 2:2 pulldown taking place
Video = 50/60Hz interlaced

For NTSC film content you should get 'film', or 3:2 Pulldown
For PAL film content you should get 'graphics', or 2:2 Pulldown

If you're seeing the 'graphic' indicator on R2 discs then the player is recognizing that the original source of the material on the DVD was film.


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What is meant by the source being either 'film' video' or 'graphic'?

Also, could someone explain, in plain english, exactly what 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown is? Is it so do with progressive scan pictures only or does it apply to interlaced as well?

Cheers in advance!

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