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Any of you guys burn and play DVD-R on your Denon 2900. If so what media do you use and what burn speed?
I tried Verbatim 4* DVD-R yesterday and when i put it in the Denon nothing happened and it refused to play. Just got 0:00:00 on the display.

I then put the disc in my X-Box and it worked fine.

Bloody annoying. Hope somebody can help



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My 2900 seems picky compared to a Pio 444. I use Datawrite Red and find that the player skips increasingly badly from halfway into the disc when burned at 4x. No problem with same data burned at 1x. New MSI 8x±R drive used for writing. DVD-RW 1x skips and pauses from the start.


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You need to use Ritek G04 dye disks and you won't have any more problems...check out any of the DVD blank sellers online. Both + and - dvdr seem to work equally well.

Ian Guinan


Excellent. Thanks for replies.

I managed to get Verbatim working but only if I burn at 1x.
I did
3 burns at 4X None worked
3 burns at 2X None worked
3 burns at 1X All worked.

Glad I bought that 8x burner lol


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Ritek G04 dye disks and always burnt at x4. No coasters yet!

Out of interest what model writer are you using???

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