Denon 2900 - Best of R.E.M. DVD Audio


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Just received my first music discs from for my new 2900, Best of R.E.M. (DVDA) and Dark Side of the Moon (SACD).

Only played the R.E.M. disc so far and wasn't too impressed with the quality against the equivalent CD in my Musical Fidelity X-Ray player.

Inter-connects are QED Qunex 2's.

Any opinions on:-

whether more expensive inter-connects would make a significant difference.
Is this particular disc not a great example of the format (quality NOT the surround mix).
Is it an unfair comparison because my CD player sounds so good.



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Interconnects unlikely to be your problem.
What is your feeling regarding normal CDs and TDSOTM SACD through your Denon ?
I have the R.E.M. DVD-A and TDSOTM SACD, the sound quality of both shouldn't disappoint.
Are you using the six analogue outputs from your Denon to your amplifier ? Have you checked your settings ?
Are you definitely playing the hi-resolution DVD-A layer ?
It should sound great ! :)


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Thanks for the reply. Still not played DSOTM (or any CDs) yet. Waiting for neighbours to go out :)

I didn't even check my settings. Just inserted disc and hit play.

So maybe it was the optical output:suicide: or the other layer on the disc that you mention (same thing?)

I need to take my own advice when telling colleagues at work to RTFM:lesson:



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You will need to take some time to set it up properly. Speaker distances, sizes and levels all have to be set. Also make sure the playback priority is set to DVD-A otherwise it will play the DVD-Video layer only. I have the same disc and it sounds very good through my DV89 and should do through the 2900.


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Had another go last night.

I WAS using the DVD-A layer but by chance. It must be the default.

On 2nd listen it does sound very good but not 'mind-blowing' which is what I was expecting. Plus I really like the sound from my CD player and have spent many a pleasing hour getting familiar with how R.E.M. sound on my system so maybe I should say the 2900 sounded different rather than disappointing.

Got fed up waiting for the neighbours to go out so they got blasted by 6 channel Pink Floyd last night. Oh yes! Loved the mix.


p.s. Crustyloafer. Why do I need to set speaker sizes and distances when this has been done on the amp previously. Would that have just been for digital inputs? Await an obvious answer.:confused:

Gizmo 76

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You would need to setup your speaker sizes and distances due to your DVD player doing all the decoding and processing and not your amp.

I know what you mean about it sounding good but not mind blowing, I think as you mention, you get use to the sound of your CD player and then the Denon does produce a different sound. I find my Arcam CD player warmer and fuller than my 2900, but the DVD-A and SACD you've mention do sound very good once your use to the difference in sound and DSOTM is a superb mix!!!


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All I can do is reiterate what Gizmo 76 has just said. Due to the fact that all the decoding of the DVD-A signal is done onboard the player which is then sent to the 5.1 channel inputs on the amplifer/receiver which are then in turn just amplified and not processed in any way the speaker sizes and distances must be set on the player itself.

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