Denon 2900 bass & speaker setup for SACD

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Burton, Jul 27, 2004.

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    I am looking for some clarification about the Denon 2900 capabilities or lack of them for Multichannel analogue direct.

    I want to pass SACD and DVD-A direct (bypassing any dsp) through a processor. However the processor takes this signal to the volume control with no bass management or speaker distance/ delay settings.

    If I read Denons 2900 documentation correctly, SACD has no ability to insert speaker distance/ delays. Is this correct?

    How do you set the surround speakers up without going through the processors dsp?

    Are there any other limitations with DVD-A or SACD bass management/ speaker setup that I should know about?

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    Very few SACD players offer a time delay capability. It is quite frustrating to those who like/need it. There are some who argue that time delay is over-rated and unnecessary, and others who gnash their teeth at the lack of time alignment in their player. So far, the only solution to time alignment issues is either a player/receiver with iLink that sends a digital signal to the receiver's DSP (just like DTS or DD) or a receiver that allows digital bass management/time alignment on the multichannel analogue inputs (using an additional layer A/D/A--my Integra DTR 6.4 does this, as do some Onkyo and Harman Kardon receivers, and I think some high-end pre/pros have this as well, can't remember which ones). A few players exceptionally offer time alignment on SACD, but I can't name one offhand. I have read about them, though, so they do exist. I don't think any of them also do DVD-A, though.

    Your Denon does not apply time alignment to SACD, but it does apply it to DVD-A. Each hi-res format gets an 80hz crossover if you set you speakers to SMALL. Additionally, I believe your Denon can send an active signal to the sub in two channel mode (like the Cambridge Audio 540D but unlike many other players), so you can keep your sub in play with redbook CDs without using your receiver's DSP (saving a layer of A/D/A). I've read good things about your Denon (couldn't afford it myself, unfortunately) so despite the lack of time alignment, I think you'll have a positive experience with SACD. Best bet is to try it and see for yourself.

    Hope this answered some of your questions and good luck.

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