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Denon 2808 - how hot should it get?


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I have just set up my new Denon 2808. After watching a 2 hour film, at a reasonably low volume (-20dB), I noticed that it has got quite hot to the touch.

Is this normal? I am just concerned that it is not well enough ventidlated. I have got it sitting in an Atacama Equinox rack, so it has 50,, clearance to the top, 100mm on the right, 100mm behind, and it is totally open on the left hand side.

I never noticed my Denon 1906 getting hot in a similar location.


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My Denon 2808 just gets slightly warm to the touch watching a 2 hour film at a volume of -15dB. The Denon is only decoding regular Dolby Digital 5.1 via a coaxial connection from my DVD player.

It is stood on a small table in the corner of my room with about 100mm clearance to the rear and the right from the walls. The left hand side and top is totally open.

It could be your clearance on the top is preventing enough hot air from escaping :confused:

Is your Denon doing more intensive operations and hence more heat generation than mine?


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Thanks for the reply.

No, my Denon is doing exactly the same tasks at slightly lower volume. I will test it again tonight - it was not very hot, just warmer than I had expected.

I will be disappointed if the rack is too small, as I bought it especially for the Denon! My old Denon 1906 had about the same amount of clearance in a Soundstyle rack.


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Ambient room temperature will affect the heat dissipation. My Denon is in a room which doesn't get the afternoon sun so remains cooler compared to rest of the house. Having said that it's still a comfortable room temperature, just not hot.

From what you've said it sounds like you needn't worry. The rack you've got is a good one and is suitable for the Denon.

How did the testing go last night?


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Last night, I listened to some music for about an hour at -25dB, and then another 2 hour film at -20dB. It may be my imagination, but it did not seem to get so hot tonight (still warm, though).

It might have been worse an the weekend because I has spent so long setting it up earlier in the day!


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Hi, Denon's avr2808 feels fine to me luke warm.
I watch movies in the Widescreen surround mode, dialogue sounds louder so receiver's volume level at sometimes as high as -20db. I would try adding some +db to your centre speaker, mines at +2.5db.
Onkyo receivers there way to hot feels like they will burn themselves out & not last as long.

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