Denon 2807 upscaling capabilities?


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I am thinking of getting a Denon 2807 + Denon 2930 + maybe some Kef speakers(3005 or 5005).

I was wondering about the upscaling capabilites of the Denon 2807, I know it is not the best, but it seems decent from the specs, 1080i seems good enough.

Am I right in thinking that if I put in Sky+(scart/component), normal VHS video(scart/SVHS/composite) etc. That the picture will be upscaled to 1080i. And I will get a better picture overal than the upscaling capabilites of my Sony 40X tv?

Basically, is the Video upscaling capabilites of the Denon 2807 better than the upscaling capabilites built into the TV. & Therefore I can expect a better picture from a Denon 2807. Is this correct. Sorry for being obvious, I am very new to seperates etc.



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The Denon 2807 doesn't have scaling. It does have a de-interlacer for 480i/576i analog signals though. If you want scaling you'll need to look at the 4306 and models above for that feature.


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So the Denon 2807 just lets me connect a few things into it and I can just output with 1 HDMI into my TV.

My mistake, I was looking at the comparisons chart yesterday and looking at every AVR from 2307 upwards.

I just checked again, and no it doesn't upscale.

Thanks again.

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