Denon 2807 OSD in 480p over HDMI?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by buttmonk, Mar 12, 2006.

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    Hi all,

    I have a dream. A dream that 1 day I can run only 1 cable from my receiver to my Panasonic AE700E Projector, and that this cable be digital:) Can anyone confirm that the Denon 2807 Receiver is able to output its OSD on HDMI (this looks to be the case form the manual), and is it able to do it at 480p? The PJ won't accept interlaced singals over HDMI...

    Also, I was hoping to connect my Playstation 2 to the receiver via component and have the reciever upconvert it to HDMI and deinterlace it so that it can be displayed by the PJ. Will the reciever be able to do this? Is the quality of this converstion gunna be any good or will it be much worse than running component cable direct from PS to PJ? When running PS2 direct to PJ via component the PJ reports that it is receiving a 625i (a.ka. 576i) signal from PS2 and according to the manual the Denon is able to upconvert and deinterlace 576i to 576p on HDMI so I guess this will be ok for the PJ...?

    Also, anyone have any experience of the sound quality and/or video quality of the 2807, particular compared to rivals in the same price bracket like the Yamaha 2600 and Pioneer VSX-AX2AV-S / VSX-AX4AVi-S? I am just as much interested in the CD/DVD-A music performance of the amp as I am of its cinema audio performance. The Denon seems to be the only 1 of this lot that might output the OSD over HDMI on 480p...


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