Denon 2807 - issue with optical audio inputs


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My Denon 2807 has developed a fault - that could have been self inflicted through accidental pressing of system setup buttons.

For some reason the AMP is failing to output any sound from a Dolby Digital source that is connected via optical cable or coaxial.

Following details connections and outputs of fault finding to date:

XBox 360 - connected via HDMI and provides audio including Dolby Digital without fault. Video OK.

DVD player - connected via Component and coaxial cable. Provides audio IF the input source is set to the SCART input from the Sky box, but if put a DVD in with a DD soundtrack I get no sound. Video OK.

Sky Box - connected via HDMI and optical cable. If choose a channel without a Dolby soundtrack (i.e. non-HD or movie) I get sound OK, but if I select one with a Dolby soundtrack I get no audio. If I remove the opitcal cable from the back of the AMP on the non-Dolby channels then I lose audio. If I change the setup on the Sky box for Optical output to be normal, I get sound on all channels. Connect the HDMI direct to the TV, I get audio on the Dolby channels no matter what the optical output is set to.

Is this a fault with the AMP - or is it a setting I have accidently changed?


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There is a button under the falp at the back, bottom RHS labelled 'Input' and 'Select'.

Presing this brought up AUTO on the display and returned sound.

Must be fat finger syndrome.


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I'm having a similar problem with my AVR-2808, except I'm getting the sound only coming through the HDMI.

Optical cable is connect, buit display on front only shows Stereo.

Very confused as there doesn't appear to be an option to disable the HDMI Audio and assign the audio to the optical IN.

Any help would be appreciated.

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