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Denon 2805 - size question.....


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I'm gonna order the 2805 in the next day or two, but it won't fit in my current TV cabinet.

So my plan is to nip to IKEA, and get the Oppli TV bench.

Has anybody got the 2805 (or something of the same size) and the Oppli ?
Can you confirm it fits OK in the middle section ?

Thanks :)


I have a 2805 in an oppli in the left hand side and fits fine with room for a pioneer dv656 above it.

The 3 sections are of equal width as standard.

I would have measured it for you to check but I have made my centre compartment bigger by moving the 2 dividers out slightly to fit an AE evo centre speaker which is definately wider than the denon 2805.

As I now have a Denon 2805 on one side, a wider evo centre in the middle and a standard size vcr in the right side I am sure the Denon would easily fit in the middle section.

Here is a pic so you can see what I mean



  • pic 2.jpg
    pic 2.jpg
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You really shouldn't have anything directly on top of the receiver like that, it'll have no room to breathe. It's bound to end in tears.


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Crustyloafer said:
You really shouldn't have anything directly on top of the receiver like that, it'll have no room to breathe. It's bound to end in tears.

Exactly what I thought when I saw the piccys. The manual does say that it needs room on top for ventilation. If I were you I'd find room elsewhere for the dvd player.


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Thanks for the pic - very much appreciated.
Though it sounds like you might be moving things around shortly in view of the previous posts....... :)

Thanks again,

Yes I agree with you totally ! I do monitor the temperature regularly and the dvd player is only about 2/3rd the depth of the amp leaving more cooling above than there appears.

Manufacturers always recommend a lot of space around amps for cooling. I think the denon manual recommends 10cm either side as well as on top !!!

Not many people who can comply with that I would have thought.

My last Sony amp was right next to a radiator (only place I could put it) and I never had any problems after several years useage.

Thats not say I am not concerned about the tight space the Denon is in at the moment. The amp has only been in situ for a month (only just moved in) and If you have a look at my other recent posts you will see I am looking to buy a plasma, which will be hung on the wall and the oppli will then go. The denon will then be put in a proper rack with room to breathe.

I appreciate your comments and I share your concerns but it was the best and only solution at the time to accomodate the Sony RPTV and the centre speaker and is soon to be changed. The pic was really to help with the original size question.



the mechanic

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Hi Ian,

I have a 2805 and have it fitted in one of these
If you have the space for it that is?? I've not fitted the metal legs supplied with it,due to the extra height and worries about all the weight of my kit bearing down on the three contact points of them.
I did look at the OPPLI bench but found it to be a bit low and found the MAGIKER to be the correct height (minus legs of course) for viewing the telly (centre of the screen same height as my head when seated).
All the horizontal shelves are adjustable so there's plenty of room for the 2805 to "breathe",along with room for loads of extra kit or storage.

All the best,



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Hi The Mechanic,

Thanks for that........
I went to IKEA last night, and came back empty handed. Firstly, I wasn't convinced the Oppli would look great in my room, and secondly I was 99% certain it wouldn't fit it my Corsa ! :laugh:

Ended up modifying my current IKEA stand (I think its the Kivik) by removing one of the shelves.........2805 fits comfortably in one side with about 15cm free above it, and DVD Player and SKY box are on the other side. Its not perfect, but it will do until I find something that I definitely want, and I'll bear in mind the one that you suggested.


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