Denon 2805 Image "Upconversion"

Neil F Holland

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Am wondering if I have stumbled upon a way out of a problem.

I'm shortly going to buy a PHD8 and will be getting scaler in a few months.

Until I get the scaler, will I be sorely disappointed in the image I get plugging my Topfield PVR, VCR and Samsung NTL box into the Denon and then feeding the upconverted component out into the display?

Many thanks in advance... :smashin:


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I think you might be, especially as the Denon's don't accept RGB input, which means you'll have to use the composite output from your NTL box and even an "upconverted" signal will look rather nasty. For the PVR use the component out (if available) otherwise s-video, as you'll have the same problem with RGBs. The VCR won't matter too much I presume. So depends how often you watch cable. Also, think about what scaler you'll buy and if it will have an RGB scart input. If not you'll have to buy an RGBs to Component converter anyway, so you can do that now and your NTL will look much better.

Joe Fernand

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Hello Neil F Holland

MPK has already covered the fly in the AV Receiver ointment :)

Assuming the PVR and Digibox are equipped with RGB capable SCART sockets and the PVR has two SCART sockets then the suggestion of an RGB2YUV converter on the Output of the PVR makes good sense.

Daisy chain the Digibox to the PVR (as RGB via SCART to SCART) and the PVR to the RGB2YUV converter then the YUV Output to the HD15(VGA) Input on the Display with a suitable cable and the Composite Out from the VCR to the Composite Input on the Display and that's all you require for now.

The RGB2YUV converter will most likely become redundant when and if you add in an external Video Processor.

There nothing in an 'up-converting' AV Receiver that's going to do a better job than simply letting the Displays internal video processing work with the Interlaced RGB (converted to Interlaced YUV) signals your sources can Output.

Best regards


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