Denon 2805 due soon - 2803 due PRICE DROP?



Hi all,

My friend is considering purchasing the Denon 2803, but now that the new 2805 looks imminent, would it be fair to speculate that the 2803 will come down in price to between £400 - £300 mark?

I seem to remember the 2802 going for £299 at creative-audio.co.uk about 8 or so months ago due to a similar premise.

Currently the cheapest I have seen a 2803 for is £450 including del. Even places such as Sevenoaks Hifi do em for £450, as thats where I bought a silver one from.

So the choice is to wait for the 2805 or wait for the 2803 to drop....if indeed it does?

Any other suggestions?





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The question is how long can he wait for the 2805 before the money burns a hole in his pocket :D
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