Denon 2803 and Panny PW6

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Just ordered the Panny PW6, after reading the threads in this forums I thought I knew what I was doing, then onto J.L a talk with their AV guide and back confused.

Wanted to buy the Denon 2803 so that I could plug DVD, VCR and Sky into it and have one output lead (componant or VGA) to connect to the screen. Turns out that the 2803 does not do 'up-converting' of different signals to one signal. This is where I suppose the JS-Tech converter comes in.

He also said that since the J.L PW6 comes with the tuner why not use that to take all the inputs and have that have one lead connected to the screen.

1. Do you loose PQ using the tuner as an input source.
2. Is it better to get the Denon 3803 which does the conversion or the JS-Tech.
3. Does the aspect ratio still automatically change with both of these.


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1: yes you do (for high quality sources DVD, Hi-DEF etc)
2:probably also consider Yamaha 1400 as well.
3:Nope you lose aspect switching but a device to do this is available, have a search on here for aspect switcher.

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Wild Aces

If your looking for best picture quality I'd avoid using up-conversion for any 'primary' sources - fine for the odd VHS tape or the like but better to avoid with your Digibox.

I'd also avoid the Panasonic tuner - it adds noting to the PQ; but certainly can detract from it.

If the AVR-2803 does it for you on the audio side (and keeps the budget intact) I'd use a JS Tech RGB2YUV converter between the Digibox and the AV Receivers YUV input and the second YUV input for your DVD player - then simply connect the amps YUV out to the HD15 (VGA) input on the PW6 using a 3RCA to HD15 cable (assuming your not using the HD15 with a PC).

For the VCR you have a few options - if its not used often and you don't want to spend the extra on an AVR-3803 just to up convert why not ask JL to supply a SCART board instead of the Tuner and hook the VCR direct to the SCART board.

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