Denon 2803 and 7.1 questions?


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Hi All,

My Sony STDRB930 has died so it's time for a new receiver. I've considered the new Sony 2000, Marantz and Yamaha models but I'm pulled towards the Denon 2803.

Any other suggestions before I take the plunge? Budget is around £500

If I go for the Denon I have a couple of questions.

Does it accept banana plugs?
I will only have a 5.1 speaker setup until I change the rooms decoration. How do I run a 7 channel amp with only 5 speakers? Do I just set the amp up for 5.1 and leave two speaker inputs open circuit?

Thanks in advance for your help


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Hi Lee,

I can't really advise on alternatives, as I've not looked at amps for a while.

But I've got a Denon 3802 at present, and this can take banana plugs, as did the 2802 which I looked at when buying mine, so I would presume that the new model has these as well. From the factory bungs are fitted for safety (EU regs I think), but these are easily removed.

The setup menu allows you to choose how many speakers you are running making the extra channels inoperative until you reactivate them in the menu.

Hope this helps.

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