Denon 2802 Vs Pioneer AX3 or 2011


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Feb 28, 2004
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Have got the upgrade bug again!! Pleas tell me I'm not the only one this affects.

Currently using the 2802 and finding it excellent, however, is there actually an appreciable difference between the Denon and either of the pioneers ( not between the pioneers as I see that's been discussed at length).

Any opinions would be most appreciated before chucking cash at this "new project fever".

I think the 2802 is probably BETTER in many regards than the AX3, depending on the speakers you're using of course.

The 2011 is the superior receiver of the three, by an appreciable margin.
Thanks for the prompt response Dimmy.
Only using Mission 7s throughout, so you reckon that the best thing to do would be to stick with the 2802 unless I can get my hands on the "Damned Elusive" 2011; the AX 3 not much better then. My kit is mainly used for moviesm so great performance in stero not overly important.

What about the 3803?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Mission's 77 series are extremely easy to drive, so I imagine you'll be getting quite a friendly sound through the 2802.

I'm buying a 2011 myself and will be fetching it two weeks today, I'm upgrading from a Denon 1803, so will let you know of the improvements I find (I also have Mission's 77 series).

I've heard the 3803 too, and I admit I did like the sound. It's essentially the same 'type' of sound as your 2802, just 'better' in every regard.

I see you've been offered a Pioneer 2011 in the classifieds at £600.

I'm paying only £480 for mine.

The 3803 will be available New in a matter of weeks for under £500 after the 3805 is released.

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