Denon 2802 amp and 5.1 via Sky+ ...



Hi guys,

Had Sky+ installed yesterday, and all seems fine. I have bought a digital optical cable to connect the digibox to my Denon 2802 amp.

First attempt was met with silence, so I am assuming I need to assign the digital inputs through the onscreen Denon menu?

How can I easily test the 5.1 output from Sky+? Are there any films (not Box Office) that I can test tonight, and should the amp automatically pick up the 5.1 signal or will I need to "tell" it manually?

Anc can I use any optical input on my amp? I have 3 options (CD/Tape, VCR-1, VCR-2) I think?

Thanks all, I gather DD5.1 has been a problem on Sky+ for a while?


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I use Sky+ aswell. I did get some initial problems with sound dropouts from the Sky box initially, but it has all been fixed in a software update now.

Only Sky Movies 1,2 and 3 have a DD5.1 soundtrack transmitted, and that is not for every movie, (as some only have a prologic soundtrack). Any of the major blockbuster movies they show generally have a 5.1 soundtrack on the first three movie channels, and on the box office. And you shouldnt get any sound drop outs now.

And yes, you can use any optical input on your amp, as long as you assign the correct mode to the correct input. Don't know how it is configured for the 2802 though.


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I think I'm right in saying that none of the Box Office channels are 5.1 any more, just the main channels.
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