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    Hello everyone. It was a lot about this player so forgive me bringing it back but …. Well, I got my 2800 mkII . Since I have been more Pioneer fun I am kind of lost with this Denon apparatus I got myself recently. I have Pioneer 737 (actually my daughter does it now) as I needed it because of Progressive and component for my plasma (Fujitsu 42.. or something – do not remember). And I was quite happy for two, I guess, years and then recently I fetched that piece news somewhere about Denon 2900 which supposed to be PAL progressive (truly PAL progressive as the news said) and since I am from region 2 it was very interesting. Then salesman convinced me though to this 2800mkII. They also put this new firmware to make it region free and have PAL progressive. Generally I like the player and picture it produces but (there is always but) when I hooked it via component picture was allover the place, it was basically not fitting centrally the screen. With plasma I could adjust it but with different heights and wide and vertical and horizontal position settings for PAL and different for NTSC so now I had to mess up the normal screens setting (Wide 1 was for 4:3 simulated to 16:9 now I use it for anamorphic PAL discs, Wide 2 which is for anamorphic, now after adjustment I use for NTSC discs, Zoom 1 I use for non anamorphic NTSC etc. - what f….. hustle). Then I have started to think that maybe this is this new firmware fault. Maybe whoever was hacking it did not consider something or else, maybe I should comeback somehow to the original setup. Any easy way of resetting this player to original firmware. I would really appreciate help. Marek
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    I downloaded the updated firmware from the site below.

    They also have the original firmware on there.


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