Denon 2800 mkII and PAL PS


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Hi All (first post)
I have just purchased a Denon 2800 mkII from my local AV specialist.
The player is configured for multiregion and PAL PS (so they say) which has been tested and works correctly on a projector.
I have connected the player to my TH-37PW4 plasma via componetant cables.
The PS works fine on NTSC R1 discs but PAL R2 discs do not, the screen seems to atempt to lock onto the signal for a second but fails, although the screens manual states it will accept a 625p (576p) signal.
Does anyone out there know of panny plasmas not locking onto PAL PS or is the player not outputing the correct signal.
Your comments would be appreciated.

Andy Blackwell


i have a toshiba plasma panny clone and mine accepts the pal progressive 625p fine maybe its the dvd player

Richard Harnwell

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Have you made any progress on this?

I'm interested to know if you have confirmed that the player truly is PAL PS (and multiregion) as I have one that I'd like to get modded.

I'm very keen to know who your local AV specialist is, to see if they do aftermarket mods. I'm not sure if posting their details is against forum rules. If you think it is, I'd really appreciate a PM about them.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a UK source for getting a 2800 Mk2 modified for PAL ps & multiregion?




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The player is NTSC PS and multi region only.

After speaking to my AV retailer I have been advised to wait for the soon to be released Denon firmware upgrade which should enable PAL PS.

I have told them I am willing to wait a few weeks but when I purchased the player PAL PS was a requirement

The player is mr via firmware but I don't think they do aftermarket mods.


Richard Harnwell

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Thanks for the quick update Andy.

My only thoughts are, if the multiregion was achieved with firmware, won't a Denon PAL progressive firmware update put it back to region 2 only?

This could lead to the horrible position of having two options:

1. PAL progressive but not NTSC at all.
2. NTSC progressive and PAL interlaced.

I guess the answer is to let whoever cracks the firmware for MultiRegion have chance to crack the new PAL PS enabled code.

Either way, I guess it's a waiting game.......

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