denon 2800 mk2 problems



i've encountered a series of problems with this deck and was wondering if i stand alone in the matter...

my first one, sometimes when i wathch a movie the time that has been elapsed on the display seems to disappear and shift forward randomly on some occaisions, and when i pop in a disc and when i use the chapter search to get to (for instance) the last chapter, the time seems to start all over again if it we're the beginnning of the movie....

not that serious but it still bugs me!!!

During movie playback the image will not appear to be smooth at all, in fact it seems to stop and continue like in slow motion, this is most visible in scene's with big structures or landscapes.
I display the image through a scart conection on a sony flat screen 100 hz tv.
Does this have anything to do with progressive scan, and will this be solved when i hook up a beamer?

Number three -
in some movie's the red (couch for instance in half-baked and many more things) seems to be alive!!!!!
The picture is horrible to look at and it moves and shifts and flickers...........HORRIBLE!!!
Does this have anything to do with the chroma bug, and could this be solved with newer firmware??
Or is this just a projector problem?

Last but not least
I understand my player can do a bit of hdcd decoding (or encoding)
Now when i pop in a regular cd the hdcd light doesn't seem to burn up.
Will this only happen when i use hdcd discs and it won't enhance regular cd's?

Thank you for your time!!!
Any help is fairly welcomed!


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can't help you on the player itself, gave up on the mkII with the delays on multi-region and then various picture faults. this was after having a mkI too... never again.

Denon's amps are excellent, their DVD players are NOT.

Q3 is easy though...
HDCD only affects hdcd discs, it does nothing to normal CDs, hence no light.


Are you sure it's not your tv causing the motion problems? Have a look in the tv forum. I have seen a few mentions of image smearing problems on some sony 100hz sets.

You say you are using a scart between your 2800 & sony, but you don't say what type of video signal you are sending your tv.
RGB, s-video or video. If it is plain video/compositive through the scart you will see some of the effects you have discribed with reds.


MmartinCo, i'll just have to buy one hdcd disc to see what colour the light hdcd light will be

MrC, i've set the dvd to rgb in it's configuration and think every plug in the scart cable is wired so that's not it.
But now you've got me really worried, i've bought that tv from an old friend and don't have any warrant on it, if that really is the case...
The dvd player i had before the 2800 seemed to do the same thing (slowmotion effect) but in worse quantity's (and thought this was normal for a 100 buck player) , but thought the denon shouldn't do so because of it's 12 or 14 bit dacs and pricy price tag!

So i'll just have to wait for somebody who knows his/hers way in this field business to come over and let them decide what to do

thanks anyway!!!

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