denon 2800 mark2



I've got the denon 3802 receiver and a ps2 to go with it.
Since I am not stunned with the picture quality I thought it was time to get a descent dvd player.

(I currently own a 32 inch flatscreen with 100 Hz. and considering a projector)

Now i've read some reviews about the 2800, leading me to the chroma bug.
Does the new version (mk2), still suffer from this?

I've also come across a firmware hack for the 2800, wich supposed to make it region free and make it pal progressive.

Is there another hack that does the same for the 2800 mk2 or will there be one in the near future?

Thank, Derrick
so is the chroma bug a real downer or is it acceptable?

then i have another question ive read it plays hdcd and dvd-r (conditionaly)

what is hdcd?

and what about the dvd-r?
haven't got my replacement mkII yet.. next week approx so I cant comment on the chroma bug.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't play any dvd recordable format, certainly not listed in the manual.

hdcd is a higher resolution CD format... quite a few discs around, you may have even bought some without realising.
then is hdcd something like sacd?

what about the new sony flagship?
the DVP999es seems to have the advantage of sacd playback, definately will turn up gold/champagne in europe and is estimated similiar priced as the denon 2800 mk2

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