Denon 2200/HK2550 or Sony730/930?


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May 7, 2001
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Which player to partner Panny 42PW6 plasma screen.....looking for picture quality along with highest disc compatibilty.....
DVD+R/RW as well as DVD-R/RW.
SACD/DVD-A not essential, although nice to have.
Well, the Sony players claim DVD+/-R(W), but I can't vouch for that, and I'm currently very impressed with my 730 - though I've only started playing with it a little so far. No SACD (though the 930 does) or DVD-A. Also don't now what the analogue output is like, since I only use digital. At £125, I reckon the the 730 looks like a bargain at the mo' if it meets your requirements.


The pioneer is the best screen I have ever seen, IMHO contrast is much morte important than HDMI, with HDMI you get better refinement at the expense of contrast, which looks cool close up in a shop, and less cool several feet away in your home. Make sure whatever player you get has PAL / NTSC prog. scan, the 25/2550 is a decent player, but I'd personally put something better on a P6, can you stretch to an Arcam DV88 / 89?
Out of your list, I'd avoid sony for reliabiliy reasons, then use Denon for compatibility, the harman for picture quality, but would urge you to spend a bit more on the source, considering you have ther best screen on the market...
Originally posted by hornydragon
SOny players are qite fussy when it comes to home burnt discs.

I have a Lite-ON LDW-811S burner. I was considering getting myself a 930 or 730 (before Philips started to bundle 32PW8818 - an older no P+ :cool: model - with a stand and DVD763SA for less than 800 quid over here), so I tried a couple of el-cheapo DVD-Rs on 330, 730 and 930. Found no problems at all. They were all quite new units tho.
My Sony 900v sometimes has trouble with -R, but they are fine in the HS2, this is why I chose a 565 over a 930.
Furthermore to what I've written above, I went to a store yesterday since I was tempted by this Philips offering. I took two DVD-Rs burnt by me to try'em out on DVD763SA. One disk did not play at all and second was terribly freezing while run on Sony 930 a moment later, they played flawlessly. I think I made my final choice at last (after a year of horror;) ): Thomson 32WB642S + Sony DVP-NS930V:cool: :D :cool: :D :cool: :D

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