Denon 2200 & bad picture


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I have recently bought a Denon 2200 player and have just set it up.
The first disc I played was fine. The machine does make a little bit of noise when playing back the discs thought. The 2nd disc I played (Fifth Element) the picture kept breaking up at the start, so I went forward a few chapters only to find the picture became worse. The picture would pause and often freeze completely. I only own two other discs, so I tried these and it worked flawlessly. So I thought the disc must be corrupt. Just bought the disc into work and it plays fine on my Mac.

Does this mean I have a faulty machine? :(


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Yes the other disc does still play OK. Of the 4 DVDs that I own its only the Fifth Element disc that does not play. The Fifth Element plays fine on the computer but not the Denon. Its a brand new disk, so it should be fine.

3 out of 4 is not a good start.

Think I will try and swap the DVD, and if I still have the problem then I will have to send the player back to Peter Tyson.


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I played an old rental copy of Element on mine and it jumped a fraction of a second as the fireball was heading for Earth. It played ok on my Panasonic E50, apart from a crap layer change, where the 2200 was perfect.

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