Denon 2200 and PS flagging


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My question relates to the 2200 display whilst playing DVDs using progressive.

IIRC, NTSC PS always seems to indicate 'F' for 'film'. Fine.

When playing PAL discs (I tried a few), the display is constantly switching between 'V' (video) and 'G' (graphic). I gather that this is an issue concerning how the disc was 'written' (authoured?).

In settings there is an option to toggle the flag detection between 'mode 1' and 'mode 2'. I've read the manual, but it doesn't seem to explain them very well (unless I'm being dense...).

In laymans terms can someone explain to me:

What these modes are and the differences between them?
What dictates the setting choice?
What mode would be best for PAL PS discs?
Does either of these modes have any impact on PQ?


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Copied from another forum...

MODE 1 (level detection mode)
(Factory default)
This is a mode for high precision detection of the source
type from the level of the video signals recorded on the
For DVDs on which the flag (identification signal) data is
recorded incorrectly, the picture quality may decrease
when flag detection is conducted.
This mode is effective in such cases.

MODE 2 (flag detection mode)
This is a mode for detecting the source type from the
source flag (identification signal) recorded on the DVD.
In dark scenes, distinguishing between video signals and
noise signals with level detection is difficult and the picture
quality may decrease.
This mode is effective in such cases.

I'm thinking of purchasing this player but this issue is causing me some concern. Can you try setting it to mode 2 for a PAL disk and let us know a) if it sticks to G (as it should for PAL) and b) if the picture qaulity is any different. I think only region 1's have problems with the flags which is why it should be set to mode 1 for those.



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I found that mode 1, the default setting, to be the most effective. On PAL discs the picture seems to fall out PS more often when set to mode 2, flag detection, then mode 1. Happens everyt time a new chapter on the DVD begins. It is only on dark sceens where mode 1 seems to have problems but since the screen is darker then it is hard to tell the difference between PS or interlaced IMO.

P.S. I have the 2900 but the video hardware is identical


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Is there any way of switching between F, G, V on the Denon players as mine is constantly in V no matter what DVD from any region is playing.

Help! :confused:


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