Denon 2200 and NTSC PS problems.


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Jan 14, 2004
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I have a Pani PD30 and a DVD2200. Most of my disks are Region 2 so initially I was worried that I would have the problems reported when trying to play PAL PS through the PD30. However I've had no problems at all with PAL PS but I have one DVD which is coded as Region 0, Bellevillerendez-vous (Fantastic French animation film). I tried to play this through NTSC PS by setting the DVD player to output NTSC. Although everything seems fine the picture flickers, is this because the disc although Region 0 is formated to PAL. Or if I do purchase any Region 1 discs can I also expect them to flicker also?

By the way is there an offcial MR update for the 2200?
Don`t know about the disc but why not just switch the player to auto instead of NTSC ?
Carlos, the DVD plays it fine through PAL, I just wanted to see if it played fine through NTSC (incase I bought any Region 1 films). If I set the player to Auto and its a region 0 disc what format will the DVD player pick? If there something coded on the DVD itself to tell the player or does it depend on what the player has been setup to do?
In auto mode it will default to which ever type of disc (NTSC or PAL) is loaded into the player.

The flickering you have seen is probably due to it being a PAL disc and the player having to convert it to NTSC.
Cheers Carlos

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