Denon 2106 vs. Yamaha 757


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I have just bought a Denon 2106 that's still sitting in its box pending installation of an entire theatre room.

Having read around a bit more, I'm now curious as to whether the Yamaha 757 would be better suited to my SVS SBS-01 speakers (also still in box)...

I'll be mostly using the setup for movies, and switching between two component inputs.

If I went with the 757 would I miss anything other than the extra component in? The main question is whether the 757 would drive the SBS-01's better.

I simply haven't got the time to travel to AV Sales and audition the two with the SBS-01's, so any input would be appreciated.

Jim Pixel

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I can only speak on behalf of the V757, as I own one,, and it IS good,, the best I have ever owned. I replaced my Yamaha RX-V540 with the V757 recently and what a difference...

I have not owned any Denon amps but the 2106 should be on a par with the 757, maybe better in some areas and worse in others... I don't think you should be unhappy with your choice...


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both Yamaha and Denon amps are very good, different kind of sound, mebbe one will have THIS feature and the other will have THAT feature etc.....but at a given price point its rare there is much to separate them other than the speakers you are going to connect....

seeing as demoing them will be difficult i guess you have to make a decision based on your own gut......

Jim recommends the Yamaha as he is well chuffed with his........i recommend the Denon as altho i havnt heard that particular model for more than a couple minutes, i am well chuffed with my Denon and other Denons i've heard.......heh

if the SVS speakers can be likened at all to Monitor Audio sound, i'd say stick with what you got if it has the features you want as Denon and MA work lovely together.......if they are different then i guess i cant help.....sowwy


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Thanks for the replies :)

I don't suppose there's anyone out there that's heard the SVS speakers with either of the two amps in question?

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