denon 2106 - subwoofer problem

golden phoenix

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Gonna ask a really stupid basic question.

i have recently sold a subwoofer cable, and need to plug a new one in at the back....trouble is cant remember which connection to use at the rear on my 2106 and the manual is as clear as mud. subwoofer is active.

cant get no sound using test tone all of a sudden. is something wrong with my new cable? please post idiot guide for me to set up and test subwoofer


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Just beneath the component video inputs are the pre-outputs.
The correct sub ouput is the one beneath the center output.

I'm guessing you may have plugged it into the EXT.IN SW input on the bottom left of the amp.

Make sure you have gone into the speaker setup menus and switched the subwoofer to 'ON'.


golden phoenix

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Russ, thanks for that, have cable connected to said output into line in on sub. checked speaker config. all speakers set to small. subwoofer > yes.

when i do a test tone all speakers respond (except my subwoofer).

the only change i made after unplugging my old lead was. i set the speakers to no sub. therefore the bass would have been redirected to large fronts (which was the only option).

i have plugged the new lead in changed config and still no bass.

the lead is directional but i have turned it around just to make sure i havent got it wrong.

not sure what else to do except get lead checked. dont have any spares to make sure it is the lead?


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Here is what you need:


Be sure to plug the subwoofer in that EXACT output - the red RCA hole with the word "SUBWOOFER" just below it. On the other side, connect the cable to DIRECT INPUT LINE of the subwoofer, or X-OVER INPUT, its the same. Turn the volume knob of the subwoofer to 50%. Now play a Test Tone on a 5.1ch DVD movie. If you hear no sound from the sub, then cable is bad, or less probably you have a bad subwoofer or a blown-up subwoofer section in your Denon...


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golden phoenix

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still nothing going on. have now exhausted options, lead will have to go back.

will update this thread on receipt of new lead.

thankls guys

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