denon 2105 sub ext level


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hi all
i tried this in the subwoofer section and was told to try this section do here goes

sub ext level on my denon , what is this setting on my denon amp and the default is 15db to 0db and is a seperate setting from the speaker adjustments which also include a subwoofer adjustment setting

many thanks all


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This applies a gain of 0dB to 15dB to the subwoofer signal fed into the 'Ext' inputs on the back of the amp. This is there because DVD-Audio discs which have to be fed inot the amp via the 'Ext' inputs from the nulti-channel outputs on a DVD-Audio player have the subwoofer channel recored at 10dB lower than the rest of the channels. The recommended setting for this connection is 10dB unless your DVD-Audio player has the ability to apply this gain to the subwoofer channel before it leaves the player.


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many thanks crustyloafer

so this has no impact on the subwoofer output level then, wired single lead from the subwoofer out on the amp to the single input on the sub

thanks for the reply
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