Denon 1940 1080P upscaling juddering



Hi guys and gals! Need some advice please.

I connected my Denon 1940 DVD player to my friends 1080p 37 inch Samsung LCD tonight ( I usually use componant into my CRT )

It played fine connected via HDMi set to both 576p and scalling up to 720p BUT when I selected either 1080i or 1080p the picture went mental! It went blurry and juddered or vibrated up and down very rapidly and was unwatchable!!

I tried two different DVD's and two different HDMI cables, same thing 576p and 720p were fine, 1080i or 1080p awfull blur and rapid juddereing up & down.

Any thoughts?

Thankyou in advance!


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I've just got myself the same dvd player going through a new Full HD 1080p panasonic 42" plasma. I've connected it via an hdmi cable and with certain dvd found the results disapointing when using the upscaling settings. My findings are that it varies depending on the type of dvd content. Cartoon/animation type movies look superb at 1080p as do 70% of movies. The problem comes with music concert dvd's where the pictures are blured, blocky and not good at all (I've tried numerous dvd's). The only way to watch my music dvds is with the upscaling turned down. I'm not sure if i've got my setting (on the tv or dvd player) wrong but, to be honest I had a better picture from my £40 Tosheba dvd player and matsui crt tv!!!!! Does anyone have any ideas on what could be going wrong or settings that might need changing? My viewing position is approx 5m from the TV which according to the magazines is correct for the size of the tv.


Just to let you all know, apparently this is a known issue with the Denon 1940 and certain Samsung TV's

I welcome opinions on this though...

When this happened I was comparing my Denon dvd playback/scalling againts another DVD player. The other player upscalled 1080p fine onto the samsung, the best i could do was 720p and let the tv do the rest, 720p to 1080p. My player still looked better outputting 720p as opposed to 576p so I assume my Denons scaler is better than the TV's. However because the TV HAD to scale a little on top of that I assume, that would have degraded my DVD's player picture quality potential a little due to having to be upscalled twice, 576p-720p (player) 720p-1080p (TV)

In other words is it reasonable to assume that HAD my player worked ok at 1080p then my Denons picture would had been better than it was due to a better scaler and the signal being upscaled just the once?


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Just a sugestion. If you happen to have an AV receiver with HDMI output that does upscaling (like the Onkyo 605 etc) then maybe you could use the upscaler of the amp rather than that of the Denon. Since the problem is exclusive to Denon with Samsung then that should correct the problem.

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