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Help i have just bought a DENON 1920 and cannot get the player to recognise the hdmi lead, the red HDMI light just keeps flashing. I have looked at the manual with it and it mentions if the display equipment is not HDCP compliant then no HDMI signal wil be sent. I have turned off the direct image still no signal, HDMI is set to on in the setup, still no image.

I have a Pioneer 505XDE plasma, i do not know if this will accept this HDCP handshake i hope some one out there is more clued up than me as it appears that you need to be a doctor of electronics now just to set up a DVD.

I bought this player from Peter Tyson and phoned them this morning asking if my display equipment is not compatible how do i stand in sending the dvd back. As the player actually works through a scart lead they say i am liable to a 30% return charge. Dont think i will be too happy with that as i only upgraded to get HDMI in the first place. Anyway hope some one out there can help, as i am HDMIless at the moment and really want to see if there is a difference in quality.

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Hi Phil :hiya: ,

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Fear not. I've done a quick search for you in the plasma TV section, & have found members who are using HDMI from Pioneer 868 & Denon 3910 with the Pioneer 505XDE with no problem. If the 3910 works fine then the 1920 definitely will.

1. I would check your plasma to see if there is anything you need to enable in it's menus to get HDMI working.

2. Double check 1920 manual. From owning some Denon stuff I know how terrible their manuals are.

3. Turn everything off & make your connections, then power up.

Also, what brand HDMI lead are you using?


Many thanks for the input, you hit the nail bang on the head, it was the setting in the Pioneers hdmi setting, it was not enabled. As i did not get any documentation with the screen, and i mean no paperwork at all, i have had to do it all by trial and error.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Many Thanks again for your help, forums do work i will keep visiting to try different set ups and report back on the Denon

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Nice one :) .

There are some really knowledgeable people on here (I'm not one I'm afraid).

If you are ever thinking of purchasing any AV gear do a search on the relevant forum, and you will get some great real user info on gear, stuff the reviews don't have like if gear is prone to breakdowns etc.

Happy viewing,


p.s. come back & post your views on the 1920.

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