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Denon 1920 1.24 Firmware


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Denon have just sent me v1.24 (Region 2) firmware for the 1920. Would anyone like to host this and I'll upload the files (4mb).

Tech support instructions


Dear Sir

Please burn the three ‘abd’ files on to 3 separate CD-R’s. Then starting with disc with ‘E61E0UD124D1.ab6’ and then ‘E61E2ED124D2.abd’ and finally the disc with ‘E………D3.abd’ update your player. Use the instruction attached above to update the firmware using the 3 discs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further assistance.


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Have you tried it? Does it fix lip sync? That's the important question :D

3 discs seems a bit odd.. :rolleyes:


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I'm guessing the 3 disks are incremental firmware upgrades from 1.17. I am going to try it tonight but should anyone wish to try before me please let me know. I have the multi region v.1.17 but am desperate to fix the issues that it has out the box.

Deleted member 92943

Do we have to order a disc or can we simply dowmload it and burn it to a CD


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any chance of you emailing them to me :)



Would this work on a multi region Denon ?. If so, would it disable the multi region capabilities ?.


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any news on multiregion, are we screwed lads?:lease:



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Well I installed the 1.24 firmware and it screwed the box!! Took it up to 1.24 Region 3. Trust Denon to send out the wrong version. have gone back to 1.17 multi region and will try and get a new firmware version today


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I hadn't really noticed any lipsync problems (connected to a Pioneer 436 via HDMI) but figured I may as well upgrade.

The player was originally bought with 1.17 region free firmware.

The upgrade went to plan and player now reports 1.24 region 0.

I've tested a R1 DVD, a R2 DVD and a R4 DVD and all played without problem.


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Here is a brief quote about v1.24 for Denon Tech support

'The version 1.24 mainly updates HDMI sync with some plasma’s. The other improvements are just for loading and reading DVD’s in the player. '


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Sounds interesting, I may try this soon.

A couple of things first - does it definitely keeps it Multi Region?
And does it fix the resume play bug?

My lip sync has not been an problem since I went down to 720p, so I am not that bothered about upgrading unless there are some worthy other fixes.


But I plugged my 1920 into my old philips TV via scart and I had a background hissssss all the time. The only way to stop this was to plug the scart into a different scart on the back.

Has anyone got an idea if this is just compatablity between the "old" tv and the 1920 or is the 1920 duff?


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Upgrade to v1.24 went without problems, RC1 DVDs play fine. Haven't noticed any differences/improvements over v1.17 except for slightly richer colors over HDMI.


Caranthir said:
Upgrade to v1.24 went without problems, RC1 DVDs play fine. Haven't noticed any differences/improvements over v1.17 except for slightly richer colors over HDMI.

Yep, I have also upgraded from 1.17 R0 to the 1.24 R0 without any problems.

Just a quick summary; Using a Toshiba SD330E Region 0 on my new plasma through the RGB Scart (Hitachi 42PD7500) I noticed lip sync issues with a couple of my PAL DVD's. These were original disks, one being a free one with the Daily Mail. No big deal really, as I thought an upgrade to the 1920 with up scaling was in order to take advantage of the HDMI and high res. Only after I upgraded I found the same disks would inhibit the same issue of lip sync. So after finding this forum I read with interest. It would suggest to me that the TV has additional video processing that is exaggerating the problem with certain disks (never had any issues on my CRT). However, I did note that the problem could be reduced by turning DRC off (both players supported this) and setting the Denon to Video Mode, also Progressive.

That said, this firmware is good and any improvements that Denon have made are welcome, so my advice is to update your player to 1.24 and enjoy. I did retry the DVD's which had the problem and they are much better, to the point where lip sync is no longer a real issue. I did however re-apply the DVD settings to Video Mode, Component Progressive and DRC to off just to keep things comparative. So the claim that Denon have improved compatibility with HDMI compatible TV's may be true, only time will tell as I watch more DVD's.
PS, this high resolution stuff is fantastic, even TV through the DTT is fantastic!!

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