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Looking for some advice, I have a 1911 setup on Kef Eggs speakers, I have always used this set up in 5.1 mode. I have recently purchased some additional speakers to use in my dining room.

When watching TV and listening to music I tend to use the amp to power all speakers equally through Multi Channel set up. I connected the new speakers and expected that when I went to multi channel the sound would come through the speakers but there is nothing.

I know this set up will have a compromise when I do watch movies as the 7.1 extra part will be in my dining room but I can live with that as long a multi channel plays through the dining I doing anything wrong, has anyone got any suggestions?



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Three options here

1) Assign the Surround back to Zone 2 - though will not work with digital sources that are decoded by the amp.
2) Assign the surround back to bi-amp and then your dining room speakers will receive exactly the same as the front pair but the dining room speakers will play whenever the main speakers a re playing
3) Assign the surround back to Front B and then you can switch them off and on by selecting A or B or A+B - this is probably your best option

All explained on P34/5 of your manual

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