Denon 1910 and 1911, differences in connections ?


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I read somewhere on here but can`t i remember where that the 1911 lacks some vital connections that the 1910 had, is this true ?

If you was starting out which amp would be the best, the 1910 or the 1911. Obviously if the 1911 is missing some vital connections then this could be a problem, if not then i like the look of the 1911 as its 3D compatible if i ever decide to go down that route.

I plan to use either some Monitor Audio RS6 speakers or some RS8`s if i can find a pair, would both the above amps work well with them ?


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I've noticed that the newer model 1911 has just one optical input, whereas, the older 1910 (that I just got today!), has two optical inputs. I'm using both right-now, but plan to go with HDMI, (cables are "in the mail"). So, to me, that's not a deal-breaker.:lesson:

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AVR 1910

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Pity they dropped an Optical input, for the Audio return channel (ARC), I'd imagine barely 5% of consumers would pair this with a TV that supports ARC.
But having used ARC feature in an Onkyo, the Amp, having detected an incoming digital input, automatically outputs the sound, by switching to the TV input, having received the Digital sound signal through the Monitor out HDMI cable on the reciever.

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