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After months of planning and a slow process of installing (me and my father in law did the install) I have finally set up my first AV system. Will put some pics in the construction forum soon.

My kit includes:

Samsung UE46B7000.
Denon 1910
Jamo AC102
SKY +.

I set up my amp the other night and notice that if I switch on my amp, the sound will play through the TV speakers plus my Jamo Speakers. The only way to switch off the TV speakers is to go into the TV menu and select external speaker then I can just only hear the Jamos,, which is great.

But what I wanted to do is, use the standard TV speakers when watching normal TV and then when I want to switch on the amp, automatically turn off the tv sound and play sound through the amp only.

Is there anyway that the TV will turn its own speakers off when the amp is on?

Thanks for your help. :thumbsup:


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Why don't you just use the volume control on the TV remote to turn it up and down as required?

Better still, stop using the TV spakers completly and enjoy the better sound quality from your new amp and speakers.


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I would prefer to use the amp all the time, but rather not have the misses messing with my amp to be honest! If theres no other way I best train her not to abuse my new baby. :cool:


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I would prefer to use the amp all the time, but rather not have the misses messing with my amp to be honest! If theres no other way I best train her not to abuse my new baby. :cool:

On my Yamaha I did once have it set up with HDMI pass-through selected so when the amp was in standby the TV speakers would work alone and then when the amp was on it would by-pass the TV speakers altogether in favour of the 5.1 speakers....

Looks like the Denon 1910 has this function, check this thread/post out

I have now removed the speakers from my TV to make room for a bigger centre speaker on my AV stand but the solution I mention above did work. (Speaker on the Pio 5090 is along the bottom and got in the way of my new centre)

But to be honest I hardly ever used the speakers on the TV once I set up the amp properly. I think most folk believe they will need their TV's speakers for stuff like watching the news, in reality though you may find that once you have few saved settings on your amp you will seldom, if ever return to the TV's speakers....This was my finding anyway, FWIW.

EDIT: Not sure what kit you have but if you want the Misses to leave the amp alone, how about getting a harmony remote? I have the Harmony one, this really simplifies things as you can programme the remote to do short-cuts for many different settings and then label them accordingly. Check out the harmony one thread here

Basically, using a harmony will mean that your lady will only engage functions you have set-up in advance. Before I got the Harmony my wife was cursing me as she couldn't even work out how to turn the volume up.
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something like this would be good:

Logitech Harmony One - Advanced Universal Remote: Electronics & Photo

a bit expensive though but well worth it.



Bit over the top, Logitech Harmony 525 Advanced Universal Remote Control: Electronics & Photo

is a better option.

My television doesn't even have speakers yet my random mates come round over all the time ( male and female ) my girlfriend and housemate use my television with no problems at all.

Its as simple as creating activities then setting input for each. Then when you come to use the remote control you set something like "watch television" w"watch dvd" and the amp will turn the inputs all to be correct turn on each device then the volume will be controlled from the amp and the channels will control the television.

They are an absolute life saver and if you own anything more than a television and a dvd layer id say they are essential.



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I think the Harmony One is perfectly adequate for the job. As Dazzor mentioned there are others that could be overkill but imo the Harmony One is fine. But yeah, to the OP a bit research and you should find what works for you.
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Thanks for all your suggestions guys. I think I will go for the Harmony One, will save me messing around with all the other remotes!

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