Denon 1910/11.... what speakers? also tech info needed!


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Hi all!

First post here, so please be kind :)

Looking to upgrade from my antiquated 5.1 all-in-one HT to a..... well, a better one. :)

Quite fancy the denon 1911 - looks a little more futureproof, but still considering the 1910 too.

As far as speakers go, I'm still unsure of whether to go for a speaker package or go for separates (I assume "separates" constitutes creating your own setup from purchasing separate speakers)

I'm currently considering the Jamo's, the Boston XS and the Q Acoustics 2000 package (Wouldn't mind keeping the whole package under £1k, but if I'm talked into separates I can bide my time.)

Cant make my mind up and couldnt get a definitive answer for my solution so I decided to come to the masses for some help!

My tech knowledge on audio elecs isnt great at all, so by all means please dumbfound me into learning more :D

This setup will go with a Samsung le40a656 (to be upgraded to a panny G20) ps3, 360, wii and WDTV media player. Its going into a 12'x12' (roughly) room with nothing in it atm, so I'm free to wall mount speakers etc.


5.1 ---> 6/7.1 = is this a case of adding 1/2 surround speakers to an existing 5.1 and thats it? (provided the amp and media supports it) is a 6.1 an extra surround or an extra centre speaker at the back?

is there a detrimental effect to wall-mounting/shelving speakers rather than floor stands? would love to lose the stands but would rather keep the sound quality if need be.

Any help on my dilemma would be much appreciated!

Sorry for having absolutely no knowledge and many thanks in advance!
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Have a look at the vibe monolith 5.1 package (£699 thompsons ebay) were over 2K last year awsome/ :)excellent sound.. and will go well with the denon.

also look at the Onkyo TX-SR608 (£399 av-progressive) is 3 D capable and a great receiver.

Puts you slightly over you budget at £1100 but may be worth looking at

to upgrade to 7.1 from 5.1 you add to extra speakers usually just in front of sitting area left and right. They usually work in conjunction with rear speakers.

Shelf mounting speakers will not have a detrimental effect to all but the true av officianado's

hope this helps


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Thanks for the reply

£1k is prob my max limit and that's pushing it without the wife chucking a fit :p

I fancied the jamos just for the price and good reviews but I feel the denon would be a little wasted on them ( or am I assuming too much here?)

To upgrade to 7.1 - is it two extra surround speakers then or can it be front speakers? Does it make any difference at all between the two?

Is it worth the upgrade to 7.1? I will be using BRs a lot but also some media which is DD and DTS too.

I'll check out that onkyo amp later on, thanks again!
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there is little difference between 5.1 and 7.1 tbh. i have the 7.1 set up but would be just as happy with the 5.1.

It is always recommended to have same make speakers to your rears. Depends if your fronts and rears ar same speakers. Often fronts are bigger and in a 7.1 setup if you use the same you will get an inbalance front to back.....

Vibe do a 7.1 system (without the floor standers) for £599 and that brings you in budget. this includes six speakers, centre and sub.(original rrp £1750):)

Or if funds are tight go for the 2.1 system at £449 then when funds allow add a pair of rear speakers at a later date.

have a look here at vibe monolith threads and then look at thompsons on ebay. i spent ages looking for speakers but went for these. The are very classy looking, substantial and sound the business.


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Im now looking at the yamaha rx-v567 for a (slightly) cheaper alternative to the denon. Too many options!!:confused:

I think i'll be taking ur advice on the vibe monolith speakers and build em up slowly over time. Theyre very aesthetically pleasing too (keeps the wife on my side with this money-sink :D )


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it does lol My wife loves em i think it has something to do with the shape,,, but enough said about that....:)

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