Denon 1909 no Pass Through


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Sony KDS 70-XBR2 / Denon 1909 / Bright House HD DVR / Panasonic Blu-ray player / Harmony remote:

Here's the hook-up all HDMI:
Cable box to 1909 input
Denon to TV
Denon to Blu-ray.

USED TO.....just turn on cable box and tv with denon off and had picture and sound, OR, Hit "watch movie" on Harmony and all came on (no blu ray player). OR, "watch movie) and denon and blu ray. If I was watching TV with Denon, all I had to do was shut the Denon off, and still had picture and sound, but no receiver (which is fine).
Then (a month or so ago), I would turn on the tv, and nothing...so...I had to turn on TV through Denon to get a picture...then turn the Denon off, and picture would stay with sound from TV only. NOW I can only watch TV through the Denon. Cannot get "pass through" picture at all.

Any help would be appreciate....
Nothing has been changed/ altered etc.
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