Denon 1909 in stock be quick (black £299)


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thanks for the info catmando, just ordered myself one. none in my local richersounds liverpool chester.


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Don't mean to p*** on your fire, but Richer Sounds have had black ones in all this week.

According to my local RC they had none in stock and none in the warehouse. :confused:

I ended up driving for a couple of hours and paying £370 because it seemed to be the only way to get one.
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i was told rs only had opened boxed denon 1909 and there were all down south!ive tried all this week so getting a 2309 instead.


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Swiss Cottage RS had one the other day, they were trying to convince me to go for it, but i insisted i wanted the yamaha 763, which they only had on display but none for sale, or the pio 1018 which they do not sell yet.

This lack of stock issue is doing my head in!! I am tempted to get the pio 1018 for £350, but realistically i can only afford the Yamaha, if i could find one for sale!


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It's out of stock now, luckily I got my order in earlier. I was after the 763, but gave up due to lack of stock and a couple of shops saying it would realistically be April before they could get any in. The extra HDMI port could come in handy and thinking about it, I've never been entirely happy with the centre channel on my current Yamaha 640.


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bought one in Richer Sounds at the weekend, with a set of Tannoy spkrs, not sure on the sound quality though but that could be because of my old DVD player and Sony CRT. It would be of interest how anyone else that has bought one has faired.

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