Denon 1905 - what sub would you suggest?


jesse James

As an av novice i have been persuaded that it's worth starting to buy separates rather than all in one(original budget was 80 quid!)
Wanted cheap but also half decent....bought...

Denon 1905 second hand 175 QUID
Centre and 2 front KEF 2005.2 25 quid! (a mate)
surround and back i have old (good at the time) stereo speakers.

So i have 7 speakers already. Will maybe update the stereo speakers but most pressing is the sub.
I've looked at the Kef 2010 second hand which goes with the 2005.2 but don't really want to spend more that 100 quid.I've heard that the 2010 does mid range and low bass but not really low stuff.
Can anyone recommend a sub to go with at this price second hand?
Oh and if for a freebie you could drop a hint about why i might be getting small but worrying electric shocks when i touch metal in the living room....I'm not about to go up in smoke am i??!

Jesse James

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Active Member
Regarding Your Small Electric Is In All Probability That It Is Static Electricity Generated By Your Carpets/rugs And Whatever Footwear You Happen To Be Wearing.
Dont Mean To Sount Alarmist But Enough Of A Build Up Can Inflict Serious Damage To Electronics And People.
Suggest You Look To The Flooring Type You Have.

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