Denon-1803 Marantz 5300 or Yamaha 630/730? And speakers!


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Hi, I'm totally stuck which one of these to upgrade to (From Yamaha RXV-596RDS)

My current amp is good.. but could be better. It sounds a little harsh sometimes with the treble, and it isnt that great for music. I basically want an amp that will be great for both movies and music!

At the moment I have a pair of Tannoy M1's at the front, Mission 70C1 centre, and a pair of Eltax Bipolar rears, plus a Rel Stygian sub for the bass :). I think i might aswell upgrade the front three too, but i'm not sure what to go for. I have a fairly small room, about 4m by 4m approx, basically setup for listening.

Now, do i want floorstanders or bookshelf? I have my tannoy's on Mission stands at the moment and they work just fine, but floorstanders do look nice...

The options i'm looking at speaker wise are either a pair of B&W 601 S3's second hand, which i am currently negotiating over, Aegis Evo 1's or 3's, Mission M72/3/4i's, or perhaps a pair of Mission 773e's that are going Very cheap @RS at the mo... I thought I could match whichever up with a Centre speaker, and keep the curent centre as a centre rear and keep my Eltax HT-2's as surrounds.

So, any ideas on which receiver/speakers? :)


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If you like the sound of the Yam then the way forward is the Yam. If money is tight then go for Yam 630se (£297 at What hifi product of the year. Check out a full review 2months back. These lastest Yam amps are far superior than 595 both musically and movies and future proof. Alternatively get hold of the Marantz 5300 (not the 5200). Partnering.... if u like the Mar then go for the Mission (all same across the stage) or for the Yam the Evos or some Eltax across the front (all sourced at RS). Either way hold on the those bipolars and upgrade step by step. IMHO the 4x4 room is borderline for floor standers or stand mounts. Consider the cost to replace and/or exchange these speakers and the likehood that you may be moving house soon!


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I have the marantz and the stereo music reproduction is superb ... Marantz are noted for being more musical than Denon or Yamaha so if music is important I would go that route, it has a slightly warmer, richer sound than the Denon receivers I have heard. Haven't heard any of the recent Yammy models tho.

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