Denon 1740 - won't load DVDs



Al of a sudden my player won't load any DVDs, including those that played fine a day ago. The Disk tray works fine, takes the DVD, but despite going through the loading cycle (sound) a few times, eventually shows "- - - - - " on thre display and stops.

I've cleaned the disks, tried a laser cleaner, but no joy. Suspect I need to return the unit - unless I'm missing something obvious ????

Anyone else had reliability probs with the 1740 ?

Bought through Superfi in Feb. Will they replace or repare ?

Any thoughts ?
You could try taking it apart and cleaning the lens with a cotton bud and using some sort of spirt or you could see if there is a firmware update :) hope i helped
I got empire direct picking it up Monday. Hopefully it'll all be sorted.
What's the state of play now guys?

I just got a 1740 delivered this week, but won't be installing it for maybe a fortnight.

Is this a common fault?


Well I got it back a week later with the fault repaired. I was told it was a problem with the loading mechanism which was replaced. Not had any problems since.

I've only came across this issue on this this forum so I reckon its nothing to worry about.

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