Denon 1740 bit of help please?


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Have been looking at this forum for a while to help me buy, now that I have bought I need some help, I wonder if anyone can help me.

I have a 1080p LCD TV. I have bought the Denon 1080p 1740, but the manual says almost nothing about it. There is a section about 576p, but that is about it, and when I check display it suggests it is in 576p. How do I get it to 1080p.



P.S. I promise to help others if there are questions I can help with, and not just sponge of other people.


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Ah, I feel a little stupid, but there is a button on the front which, as yet, I have not pressed. I didn't think it would be that simple. I will have a go when I get in from work (I looked online to see that there was a button) I have been impressed with the picture so far, so it will be interesting if this button does take it all the way so to speak.



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yep, you guessed it. I didn't think to press the button on the front of the player!. What a pillock.

I have to be honest, I didn't expect there to be functions at the player that were not on the remote. It also said nothing when I RTFM



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Do you notice a difference when you press the button to upscale?
I am thinking of getting this player as well - would you recommend?



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I just got this player the other day for my new LG 37' 1080p TV.

It's ok but for some reason, when I turn on the player and there's a disc in there, I get a bright green screen that covers half of the display.

It disappears if I turn off the player and switch it on again. Does anyone know why it's doing it?

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