Denon 1707 or Sony 1200ES Much Heat Produced?


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I have just bought a Onkyo 674e for use in my bedroom and as I have posted on its own thread the heat from this machine is extremely excessive.

Suffice to say it is going back due to this reason.

I have been googling this machine and reading posts about it here on AVforums and others have commented on its high heat problem.

However on googling the Denon 1707 or Sony 1200es I cant find no mention of anyone claiming heat being an issue with either of these.

Therefore can I ask any owners of either receiver if this is an issue with these machines.

I understand that heat will be generated from any receiver similar to using a computer generates heat. However If I had a computer producing the amount of heat the Onkyo was I would have turned it off immediately as it would likely have fried the processor and hard drives at that temp.

Therefore which would people say is the best receiver for heat management and use in a bedroom (I am currently leaning towards buying the Denon 1707 at the moment).


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