Denon 1602 or Technics SADX-950 Please


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Aug 14, 2002
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I phoned Richersounds earlier and they recommended the 950 over the 1602. They didnt have any 1602's in stock so I was wondering if it was just sales hype. Should I go for the Technics or stick with the 1602 please.

thanks for any help once again :)

Go for the 1602, Denon do have quite a few good amps for sale at the moment. I would say Richer Sounds are not gonna make any commision on the Denon amp as they would Technics. Or.. they dont want you to leave the shop without nothing..
Richer Sounds know that people dont wanna go home empty handed,so people go away with different products and Richer Staff make a packet of money. Dont get me wrong,, Richer Sounds are very good for buying products cheaper, but they do try and sell you something different, time and time again

I can thoroughly recommend the 1602 after two months use out of one so far. But do a bit of research and demoing on similarly priced amps from Marantz, Yamaha and others, and don't let any shop assistant palm you off with any old crap!!

I use mine exclusively for home cinema, as I already have an 11 year old Arcam Alpha amp and Marantz CD 52 set-up which still operates beautifully with music.

Thanks alot guys :)

Glad I asked now, was tempted by the technics, but 1602 is back on top of my list now (my first amp). Will look at others as well before I decide.



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