Dennon AVR 2113 incompatibility with my Sony X950H TV?


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I've had my Denon 2113 AVR for about 10 years, which worked flawlessly with my older Samsung 55 in 3D tv. I have my dvd player, and all other electronics connected via HDMI to the AVR and then using the one HDMI cable to the tv unit. I loved the video pass thorough function from my tv to the receiver. I recently bought a new Sony X950H 75 inch LED tv and have the same setup, HOWEVER for the life of me I cannot get the video to pass through the receiver, from the tv. I'm running YahooTV from my tv and trying to play it through the TV function on receiver. I keep getting a crackling inaudible sound when I turned on the receiver to get the tv sound to pass through the receiver. Do you think that the tv is too modern and the AV receiver cannot correspond with this modern tv?

I then hookup the HDMI cable (AVR to tv) to my 55 inch Samsung tv and "BAM", the video easily passed through to the receiver crystal clear and sound. What is happening here. I really don't want to upgrade my receiver yet, if I don't have to. I'm lookin for any suggestion on what could be stopping the sound from passing through from the tv to the receiver.


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Unfortunately I think an upgrade to you AVR is imminent. I was in the same boat, and had an AVR-2113CI that functioned great for the past 9 years. I just bought a 4K TCL R635 and AVR-X2700H for the 4K pass through.

The AVR-2113 is not HDCP 2.2 compliant and won't pass through 4K signals. There may be work arounds, depending on your setup, see this thread:

Question - Is a Denon AVR-2113 compatible with UHD 4K signals?


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TVs don't output vide so you cannot output video sourced via the TV and then pass it through the AVR. There should be no issue with contimueing to pass HDMI video sources you were previously passing through your AV receiver and outputiing them to the new TV. THe TV can still handle lower resilutions than its panel gascilitates. THe TV will simply scale lesser resolution video up to git its panel.

You've 2 options if wanting to access audio from the TV using the AV receiver. You can either use HDMI ARC or S/PDIF optical. THe former would orfinarilly simply require that you enable HDMI CEC (control) onboard both the TV and the AV receiver and turn ARC on onboard both of them. Sony use the term BAVIA SYNC when refering to their implimentayion of ARC. Once ARC is enabled, you should be able to convey SD 5.1 audio sourced via the TV back to the AV receiver using the HDMI connection normally used to convey video from the AV receiver to the TV. HDMI ARC is sometimes temperamental though and doesn't always work. THis is sometimes resolves by using a better quality HDMI cable between the TV and the AV receiver.

If you cannot get HDMI ARC to work then maybe look at making an additional optical audio connection from the TV to the AV receiver. THis will allow you to access the same 5.1 audio you'd be access via HDMI ARC. Ensure ARC is turned off onboard the TV and the AV receiver thoughif relting upon optical to access the RT=TV'saudio.

What you cannot do with your older AV receiver is passthrough video it hasn't the ability to handle. You'd not be able to passthrough 5K UHD encoded video sources.

GDCP 2.2 or higher compliance is only required if handling commercial 4K UHD video. AS said, you'd not be passing this through your AV receiver anyway because it simply hasn't the ability to handle it (it has very limited 4K capabilities which are basically useless).

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