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Hi all, I hope you guys might be able to shine some light on an issue I've run into.

My stepfather has just setup his old surround sound setup, the amp is a Denon avc-1530 (5.1). It only has analogue inputs (L/R RCA) so I've been helping him get a signal from his TV to it (its a modern Samsung with no RCA outputs).

As a quick and easy fix I bought a 3.5m headphone(from TV) to L/R RCA (for amp)cable which seemed to work ok, although there was some light crackling at times. It was also inconvenient to unplug/plug in the jack to switch if the amp was being used.

To solve this I bought a Fiio Taishan DO3k DAC to take an optical out from the TV to RCA for the amp. With the amp in bypass mode everything sounds great, but with the amp in surround sound mode its heavily distorted and crackles.

I've made sure the TV is in PCM mode, tried the headphone to RCA from the DAC to the amp with the same issues. DAC to headphones sounds good.

Honestly I don't really understand how you would have got 5.1 surround sound from L/R RCA from the old TV's it was originally used with, unless DTS 'encodes' the extra channels on the same analogue cable. My assumption was the amp 'fills in the gaps' or designates stereo signal to surround sound.

Ultimately could this be solved with a setting on the amp, a DAC that supports DTS or is it really time for a new amp (which I think is in the works for the distant future anyway).

Thank you in advance


You won't get digital audio from the RCA, that's an analogue signal. It is really going to be difficult to fit the two eras of hardware together if the Denon doesn't have the relevant connections if the Denon doesn't have at least optical. The old Denon must have the ability to upscale stereo to 5.1, or it has all channel stereo but it's not getting a 5.1 input from RCA, that's impossible. Time to retire it perhaps.

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