Den dvd1930 - Pio vsx2016 - Sony cdp-xe570 - how 2 connect?


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Hi, I've read quite a bit of connecting cabling, etc and would like to know what is going to be the best/preferred way of connecting all my gear up. I'll break down each components in/outs to make this easier (I hope). Sorry in advance if I miss crucial information out - I will re-update if need be.

Right, here goes...

I have the sony cd player which has optical out and standard audio phono out. I currently use the phono interconnects (qed) to connect the cd player to the pio amp.

The pio amp has hdmi x 2 in and x 1 out. Also has the usual plethora of ins and outs including coaxial, component, optical digital in/out. Only thing is I'm not sure how many unless I go and look (arkward at the moment).

The denon dvd player has hdmi upscaling, audio phono outs, component outs, plus digital outs for coaxial and optical.

Whenever I want to use the dvd player I have to take out the interconnects out of the cd player and plug into the phono outs of the dvd player. Incidentally the dvd player is connecting direct to the plasma via hdmi (qed again).

Btw, my speaker cables are connected using qed original (bare wire ends as I dont have banana plugs:rolleyes: ) Its only 2 ch stereo at the moment. I intend to purchase a 5.1/6.1/7.1 set of speakers next january.

I intend to purchase decent cables from the powerbuy section as I believe you can get excellent quality cables at not extreme profit margin prices.;) The reasons why I have qed cables is simply because I didnt have a clue what was best and took 'salesman' advice. This was all before coming on to

Also, I will be hooking up my Sky SD box in the new year. I will also buy a standard VCR.

So here is what/how I think I should be connecting up...please correct me if there is a better way.:lease:

Option 1:
DVD player >>HDMI>> Plasma (panny 37px60)
DVD player >>Digi Coaxial>> Pio Amp
CD player >>Digi Optical>> Pio Amp
Plasma >>Audio Interconnects>> Pio Amp

Option 2:
DVD player >>Digi Coaxial>> Pio Amp
CD player >>Digi Optical>> Pio Amp
Plasma >>Audio Interconnects>> Pio Amp
Pio Amp >>HDMI>> Plasma

Can anyone tell me if this is very wrong, and also if there are better ways to connect everything up?

With regards to the sky box and vcr unit I will have to post a further question at the time when I purchase, but I'm hoping that by then I will be 'savvy' if you know what I mean ;)

Thanks for any help in advance.


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